While the Borden family are without doubt the most famous inhabitants of Fall River's historic Oak Grove Cemetery, their family plot is by no means the only grave worth visiting. The cemetery is rich in history, reposing not only the many persons involved in the Borden crimes, but also many of those who were related to the Bordens or were otherwise an integral part of Lizzie's life and times. These latter persons include a wide range of notables related to Fall River history and the textile industry of the 19th Century. Here is a partial list of those persons' graves you can visit while at Oak Grove Cemetery. Information on the exact placement of each resting place can be obtained at the front office, near the Prospect Street archway.

The Borden Family Plot
Andrew Jackson Borden – Fall River businessman, murdered August 4th, 1892.
Sarah Anthony Morse Borden – Andrew's first wife, died 1863.
Abby Durfee Gray Borden – Andrew's second wife, murdered August 4th, 1892.
Emma Lenora Borden – Andrew's first born daughter, died 1927.
Alice Esther Borden – Andrew's second born, died 1858.
Lizzie Andrew Borden, Andrew's third daughter, died 1927.

Hiram C. Harrington – blacksmith and machinist, married Andrew Borden's sister.
Cook Borden – Lizzie's great-uncle.
Grace Hartley Howe – Lizzie's cousin, married to Louis McHenry Howe.
Sarah Whitehead – Abby's half-sister, lived on Second Street. The ownership of her house was a matter of dispute within the Borden family.

The Miller Plot
Southard Harrison Miller – the builder who built 92 Second Street.
Phoebe Miller Bowen – Miller's daughter.
Dr. Seabury Bowen – the Borden family physician, who married Miller's daughter.

Marshal Rufus Hilliard – Chief of Police at the time of the murders.
William Almy – Andrew Borden's business partner.
Ellen Shove – daughter of Charles Shove, textile tycoon, went to Europe with Lizzie in 1890.
Andrew Jennings – the Borden family attorney, and the head of Lizzie's defense team.
Jonathan Clegg – Fall River business owner, and the last man outside the Borden family to talk to Andrew Borden.
Judge Josiah Blaisdell – the jurist who presided over the inquest following the Borden murders.
Adelaide Churchill – the Borden's next-door neighbor and key witness.
J.W. Grouard – the painter who witnessed Lizzie staining her dress with paint.
Ernest Terry – Lizzie's chauffeur at Maplecroft.

Persons of Interest Buried In Other Cemeteries
Dr. Michael Kelly – the Borden's next-door neighbor. Buried at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fall River.
Dr. William Dolan – the Medical Examiner of Fall River. Buried at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fall River.
Eli Bence – the Fall River pharmacist who claimed Lizzie had tried to buy poison the day before the murders. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Fairhaven.
Alice Russell – Lizzie's friend and a key witness. Buried at Beech Grove Cemetery, Westport.